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Sound of Freedom 

A surprising success at the box office beating Indiana Jones, and the latest Mission Impossible release, the film that none of the Mainstream media want you to see.  (We would definitely want to see anything the mainstream media say don't go and see) It's been attacked, reviled and rubbished, but the public think its FAB!  Go see it and make up your own mind!

Our Featured Artist -Lauren Daigle

A Grammy, Dove and Music Billboard Award winner with a Platinum Debut Album “How can it be” under her belt, very few people have heard of Lauren Daigle in the UK but what an amazing talent. We love Lauren! Check out her song “Still Rollin Stones” here.

Utterly Brilliant! This will give you chills every time you watch!”

The Chosen is the first multi season show about the life of Jesus but like you’ve never seen him portrayed before. Directed by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen shows Jesus humanity, and personality in a way that is strikingly natural. This is a must watch.


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