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Weekdays on Radio Heaven

Rock to Soul to Jazz to Blues to Salsa to Reggae to Soca to Ska, and even a little folk and country. Only the best music makes it to Radio Heaven. Throw some amazing talk shows and live debates into the mix and that’s Radio Heaven. It’s your music, it’s your say It’s your station.

Tues & Thurs

8:00 pm

The Midweek Rock & Rave Show Tuesdays & Thursdays 8 PM

Grab a cuppa pull up a chair and listen in for an hour of live music requests and devastatingly interesting chat with our amazing line up of special guests and more. Something grinding your gears? Give us a call, get your favourite toon played, and chat live! Rock & Rave! Anything can happen and it usually does!

The BIG Questions

The BIG Questions Show – Special Programme Access

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Steve hosts the BIG Question Show , discussing the burning issues of the day. Please subscribe to be placed on our VIP list to be notified for special features and Programmes.

Weekend Chill

Weekend Chill

Kick back relax and enjoy Weekend chill time . Old favourites and smooth classic tracks to relax to and make your weekend a little sweeter. Pre- request your favourite song. Email us at

Sunday 10.00 AM

Church Parade

The very best of contemporary Gospel Music. Join us for some great music live chat and more with Special guests, and a live Q & A Every Sunday at 10 am.