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Discover the astonishing accuracy of Bible Prophecy! 

Looking for a journey of adventure? Join us for Cross Talk.  It may just blow your mind!  

With all the crazy stuff that's going on in the world right now , it's no wonder that people are concerned for the future, and many of our listeners are asking if we are seeing the beginning of the end of this world!  Well, we have some great news!   The Bible has some very clear answers, because thirty percent of its text is prophecy and it has predicted both past and future events so far with 100% accuracy. 

The predicted rebirth of Israel in 1948 after 2000 years set the clock ticking for a series of incredible events, and the players and the pieces are aligning just as predicted.  

Cross talk is a discussion group community that looks at the times we live in through the lens of Biblical prediction, and it sets out a roadmap of future events that appear to be happening right in front of our very eyes!  

If that's hooked your curiosity join us in the investigation into what the future looks like.   You may just be astonished at what you discover!  


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